Friday, February 12, 2010

Work, Play, Heal

"There must be more to life than having everything."
~Maurice Sendak

Little Peep isn't quite herself today. It seems like a puppy virus has set up shop in her cute, tiny body. Her list of priorities include: snuggling with mama, being on mama's lap, having mama hold her and pretty much being glued to mama's side.

When I hold her, she whimpers and nuzzles her head under my chin. It really makes me feel loved and important, ya know?

After 30 minutes of couch time with her, I concluded that the laundry needed tackled. It's always nice when I can cross it off the weekend chore list. Charlie, however, just wanted to be held. I felt badly, but soon realized that maybe it was just the warmth she was after.

As I ironed our clothes, she would climb on the ultra-toasty attire and snooze away. It was the most precious site-- really. Talk about melting my heart...

Ironically enough, I'm not feeling quite up to snuff, either. Some little pains in my throat and neck, but I'm battling back with tea, work and mind-over-matter. Nope- no medicine for this girl.

I'm super excited about the start of the winter Olympics tonight. I can't wait to perch on the couch and watch all the athletes as they enter the stadium. Their talent and dedication inspire me. But (ugh), I'd feel guilty laying around if the laundry waited. So alas, I hopped to it.

Hopefully, Little Peep and I are back to 100% tomorrow.
We certainly worked and healed today.
Laundry-- check. New dishes washed and put away-- check.
Ironing-- check. Gym workout-- check.

Up next, we'll be playing; playing with yarn and knitting a snookie.
Yarn and the Olympic Opening Ceremonies and feeling better = happy girls.

1 comment:

Maria said...

Cathy- Only you could make folding towels and an iron look beautiful and artistic. You amaze me woman!

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