Monday, December 21, 2009

Childhood Christmases

"Christmas is the keeping-place for memories of our innocence."
~Joan Mills

For me, Christmastime always evokes old feelings of childhood magic. In the quiet corners of my mind I can still perfectly picture my childhood Christmases. Actually,It's almost spooky; I can see the people, hear the sounds and smell the festive cheer.

It's a bit sad that at a rather young age, Christmas- the way I remember it, has ended. I've never been keen on change.

But, I'm learning.
I'm slowly realizing that things can't stay the same forever.
I'm beginning to understand that change doesn't mark the end, but rather, the next step and a fresh start.

I do love to travel down memory lane, though.
I love to visit the place where I can smell my grandfather's glass of Pepsi and whiskey, and catch the faint, gentle scent of Oil of Olay on my grandmother's skin.

There's something ultra comforting about still hearing the deep chuckles and holiday greetings of people who've passed on. I can still picture the stomping of boots and the lines of warm hugs and firm handshakes.

But, you'll have to excuse me. Just writing this post has me sobbing, something I rarely do.

I think these thoughts, these memories and these special moments are best kept to me-- safely tucked away in the most secure nooks and crannies of my heart.

If you can, please, do me one favor this year. At some point, during your holiday celebration, take a moment when everyone else is lost in the festivities and going about their normal Christmas routine, and concentrate...concentrate really hard. Freeze the moment. Take it all in.

And, above all, make sure you never forget.

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Maria said...

Now you have me sobbing too Cathy! Beautiful sentiments. I will do what you said and enjoy every second and cherish each moment.

Four years from now, my handsome son will be a senior, contemplating his future and college prospects.Yikes!

I will enjoy this time and take a mental picture of these moments when the biggest thing he has to worry about is an Algebra test.

Thanks for helping me make the most of each day.

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