Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nature Decorates

"Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories."
~An Affair to Remember

Taking down the Christmas decorations always saddens me.
As I safely tuck away the remnants of another holiday season, I pause to reflect upon the new, happy memories and the old, well worn traditions. I'm sad to see my favorite ornaments and decorations hibernate for another year, but I'm glad to know that they will emerge again, rekindling all the same feelings of excitement and childish merriment.

As I'm preparing to undecorate, I can't help but thank Mother Nature for her kindness and sympathy. It's almost as if she's helping me along this "letting go of Christmas" rut.

Maybe I'm crazy, but there's something about the apples in my neighbor's lawn that remind me of Santa hats.

Do you see it, too? (grin)


Ashley Schott said...

Aw they totally look like Santa hats! As this is my husband's and my first Christmas married I'm having an extra hard time putting away our Christmas decor.... Maybe I'll get around to it by, let's say, February? I applaud you for getting your's away so early!

Maria said...

Cool imagery and great photo. Curious...did you put any of your photos in your office space you created? That would be really cool and creative.

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